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Concussions in Youth Athletes
Many states have enacted laws designed to prevent concussions and protect the health and safety of young athletes. Little League International has compiled a summary of all currently existing and proposed state laws regarding concussions in youth atletes.

Some state laws are only applicable to school-sponsored athletics or to activities taking place on school-owned property. Other laws are applicable to all youth sports organizations, whether affiliated or not with a school district. It is strongly recommended that local leagues consult with legal counsel in its jurisdiction to determine the applicability of state laws regarding concussions to its program.

Not every state has adopted concussion laws, and not every state’s concussion law is applicable to a LLB program. Nevertheless, in keeping with its focus on protecting the health, safety and welfare of children, Little League International strongly encourages all leagues and teams to not only comply with any applicable state laws, but also, to review the information and training materials on concussions which are available free of charge on the Centers For Disease Control website at:

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